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The fix is in

September 30, 2008

Via Mr. Reynolds:

A READER AT A MAJOR NEWSROOM EMAILS: “Off the record, every suspicion you have about MSM being in the tank for O is true. We have a team of 4 people going thru dumpsters in Alaska and 4 in arizona. Not a single one looking into Acorn, Ayers or Freddiemae. Editor refuses to publish anything that would jeopardize election for O, and betting you dollars to donuts same is true at NYT, others. People cheer when CNN or NBC run another Palin-mocking but raising any reasonable inquiry into obama is derided or flat out ignored. The fix is in, and its working.” I asked permission to reprint without attribution and it was granted.

Dr. Pournelle on the bailout bill

September 30, 2008

The wise doctor says:

According to Pelosi the entire crisis is due to the Bush administration, and by voting for the bill the Republicans would agree to that. Nothing about CRA and affordable housing. Nothing about the war which Congress approved. It’s all the fault of the free market.

I am torn between thinking this is childish, and fury at this narrowminded action.

The problem is simple: no one is sure that a bailout is needed. If a bailout has the effect of empowering those who caused this mess to begin with, then it might make things much worse; and Pelosi’s triumphant cackle fixing all blame on Bush does not generate great confidence. If the official Democratic Party view is that there was nothing wrong with the notion of setting up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and pushing banks to make bad loans so that we can have more affordable housing and more home ownership, then it is a clear demonstration that the Democrats either do not know, or do not care, what their contribution to this mess has been.

democrats not treating the bailout as a crisis

September 30, 2008

Jay Tea nails it:

So, to me, it seems abundantly clear that the Democrats don’t see the current situation as a crisis, and are acting like everything is business as usual. To me, that says — far more clearly than their words — that they don’t think things are anywhere as bad as they say they are.

And that is what convinces me that things are far worse than they think.

Because the Democrats have been consistently wrong on the whole situation, and have been for years. There is no end of videos of leading Democrats praising Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s stability, of their performance, defending the leaders (most notably Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson), and thoroughly denouncing and scuttling numerous attempts to head off the problems that have started to come to a head in the past month or so.

It’s a kind of negative evidence, but it’s persuasive to me: the Democrats have a solidly established record of being utterly and completely wrong on the whole mess. They are now acting as if the situation isn’t so bad, and are still far more interested in playing their run-of-the-mill political games with the whole process. If they are still wrong (and the odds are highly in favor of that conclusion), then we are in real trouble and the bailout that they don’t seem to care about whether or not it passes is probably a necessary evil.

Mr. Tea also points out that the democrats tried hanging unrelated riders on the bill:

When the bailout package was first being kicked around, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tried to sneak into law an extension of the ban on developing shale oil. He was hoping that no one would be paying attention to a very innocuously-worded amendment to the Homeland Security Appropriations Act.

Then, when the bill itself was being crafted, Democrats tried to write in a subsidy to groups like ACORN and help even more people who probably shouldn’t buy houses buy houses. Paying off one’s allies is a time-honored partisan tradition, the kind of thing that really ought to be set aside when there is a real crisis.

More at Mr. Reynolds blog.

Just how important was this bill to the democrats? This is probably a good measure. Obama Campaign co-chair Jesse Jackson, Jr. voted against the bill.

Obama’s close ties to Acorn

September 29, 2008

The NY Post has the story on Barak Obama’s ties to this organization with multiple convictions of voter fraud.

The movement’s biggest victory, of course, came when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac began buying up the riskier loans – providing fresh incentive for banks to make even more of them.

No need to recount where all that led.

Meanwhile, Obama was right there by ACORN’s side all along.

“I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career,” he told the group last November.

Indeed, in the early ’90s, Obama was recruited by Talbott herself to run training sessions for ACORN activists.

ACORN also got funding from two charities, the Woods Fund and the Joyce Foundation, when Obama served on their boards, and from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge – the radical “education reform” outfit Obama ran from ’95 to ’99.

Interesting that ACORN is deeply involved in the Freddie/Fannie scandal.

Nancy Pelosi killed the bailout

September 29, 2008

She is the Speaker of the House. Head of the Majority party in the House.
The bailout bill could have passed if every single Republican in the House voted against it.

The bill was killed by the 95 democrats who voted against it.

This is a clear example of why congressional approval ratings are the lowest of all times.

democrat Nancy Pelosi is the Worst. Speaker. Ever.

Given the hyper-partisan speech she gave earlier today, it makes one wonder if she didn’t want the bill to fail.

Update: It’s official. The so-called “leader” of the democrats in the House, Nancy Pelosi wanted the bill to fail.

What is really interesting is that while the bill was under discussion on the floor of the house, a democrat leader was on NPR saying how the democrats would use the failure of the bill against the Republicans in the upcoming elections. Yup, it looks more and more like the democrats were planning on screwing over the American people to make political points.

American Carol trailer

September 29, 2008

Sweden gets it

September 29, 2008

They are cutting taxes across the board, including business taxes, to promote growth.

Delicious Snark on pirates in way over their heads

September 29, 2008

Tamara K. delivers this mornings yummy, yummy snark.

…when you climb aboard a ship and find it filled to the gunwales with 33 Ukrainian T-72 tanks destined for gawd-only-knows where, it might be prudent to just climb quietly back off and motor away, because that’s the sort of thievery that’s going to draw attention.

Now, it strikes me that the sort of people who go shipping half a battalion’s worth of main battle tanks around the seven seas are not the kind of people to take it lying down when their cargo goes missing. Boarding a ship and finding it full of tanks would be like burglarizing a house and finding a plaque on the mantlepiece “To Vinnie for faithful service. Love Don and the rest of the guys at La Cosa Nostra Enterprises”; the sensible criminal would just let himself out and apologize for the disturbance. Instead, our Somali rocket scientists are holed up on the boat and surrounded by warships.

The warships are there because the various governments of civilized and semi-civilized countries with interests in the area are wondering where the tanks were going. Kenya claims they purchased them at the big Labor Day Sale at Crazy Ivan’s Used Tank Lot, but seems to be having difficulty coming up with a receipt.

Obama buddy Tony Rezko to start singing for the Feds?

September 28, 2008

By way of Hot Air is this story from the Chicago Tribune.

Antoin “Tony” Rezko, a convicted influence peddler who was once one of Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s most trusted confidants, has met with federal prosecutors and is considering cooperating in the corruption probe of the governor’s administration, sources told the Tribune.

Rezko’s possible change of heart—after years of steadfast refusal—has sent ripples through a tight circle of prominent defense attorneys who represent dozens of potential witnesses and targets in the wide-ranging probe.

His cooperation would give prosecutors investigating the governor and his wife access to someone they have described as an ultimate political insider at the center of a pervasive pay-to-play scheme.

Odds are that Barak Obama was too far down on the totem pole of corrupt Chicago democrat machine politics to be heavily involved in anything Tony is going to sing about. At least that is what he is probably telling himself over and over again…

Erin Brockovich Supports Sarah Palin

September 28, 2008

By way of Flopping Aces, is the story that is driving leftists even more loopy.