My tweets on Obama’s speech

Obama’s speech is remarkably short on details. No change there.

Obama wants to cut taxes and increase spending. Isn’t that a third GW Bush term?

I’m betting that my billionaire senator will still pay a 12% federal tax rate under Obama.

Obama just mentioned Senator McCain and debating. Why has Obama run from multiple debate offers?

@lesliecarbone If he “invests” anything in his brother, it will be with your tax dollars.

Obama is going to “defend” America by slashing defense spending.

“President Obama” is Putin’s wet dream.

@lesliecarbone Obama doesn’t want to talk about the 60s, so don’t bring up Ayers or the Bay of Pigs or you will be called a racist.

Obama’s policies are old school Socialism. No Hope or Change there.

Obama gives a good speech, but he’s no Clinton and is not as good at unscripted responses as Senator McCain.

Does Obama actually know how many crimes are committed using an actual AK-47 in America?

Does anyone think a democrat congress will let Obama cut spending in their districts?

Obama plans to raise taxes on those who already pay most of the taxes. He’ll use that to buy votes from the other 95%.

Senator McCain’s ads tonight showed a lot of class.

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