A message to the RNC

If you want my money, stop building bridges to nowhere, stop wasting taxpayer money on pork barrel projects like drunken democrats (although the democrats have proved once again that they are better at it), and start playing hardball minority party tactics like Pelosi did to you.

Call the media on their far left bias, use the Internet effectively (like you finally did when Pelosi shut off the lights to kill any domestic drilling bills) and don’t be afraid to point out that during the six years of President Bush and a Republican congress, gas prices rose $0.11 a year, under the Pelosi/Reid congress it shot up by $0.66 a year.

Buy a full page ad in the NY Times. If they won’t sell it to you, have every Republican member of Congress state that every time they are in front of a camera or talking to a print journalist (or bloggers!).

Grow a pair, and point out how many democrats in Congress are members of the Democrat Socialists of America.

Update: By way of Leslie Bates, Michelle Malkin chimes in on the subject.

“Hit hard, hit fast, hit often.”

That was the advice Marine hero Chesty Puller gave his men.

That’s the advice congressional Republicans should follow.

So, now what?

House Republicans hit hard and hit fast on Friday. Come Monday, they need to hit again and hit often during the Democrats’ vacation.

The House GOP’s 8/1 revolt wasn’t merely good political theater. It was good politics. Politics on offense. Politics the grass-roots can get behind. Energized politics on energy that will galvanize public opinion in the otherwise lazy, dog days of August.

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