Pelosi shuts out the lights and leaves America in the Dark

“San Fran Nan” Pelosi, the so-called “leader” of the House democrats shut off the lights and commanded the democrats to leave the House of Representatives without addressing any of the important energy bills on the floor.

The Republican members of the House grew a pair and protested.
Scott’s Morning Brew explains how they got to word out after Pelosi shut down the CSPAN cameras in order to keep American from finding out what she did.

What exactly is Speaker Pelosi afraid of? Everyone knows she’s a complete failure. What is left to hide?


Does social media have a valid role in politics?

After today’s events, I believe that question has been answered.

With the Democrats voting to adjourn the House without voting on an energy bill, the Republicans stayed on the floor until Capitol Police began escorting them out.

How did social media play a part? Pelosi had shut down all the cameras in the house including those on CSPAN. John Culberson (R-TX) began streaming video through QIK from his phone. (See:

Then others joined in. The search tag #dontgo was started and Twitter Search ( and numerous people started reporting from inside and out the House.

I am not sure how many “Tweets” were sent out but I would guess in the THOUSANDS.

This entire event was captured and cataloged through Social Networking and Social Media outlets by the people directly involved in the action.

It should be clear to everyone that social media is a valuable tool.

But equally clear to everyone, should be the priorities of the Democrats. Pelosi wanted to go on vacation and promote her book more than she wanted to do the work the people put her in Washington to do. Her priorities are clearly skewed and clearly self promoting.

That’s just plain infuriating. The worst Speaker in this history of this country. Absolutely the worst.

Worst. Speaker. Ever.

Update: One MSM outlet covers this story, and it ain’t CNN, who is rather silent on Pelosi’s utter failure of hre “leadership” role.

Update: More at Hot Air and Flopping Aces.

CNN finally decides to cover the story.

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