Time for Hillary to start calling those Uber-Delegates

According to the latest Newsweek poll, Obama’s lead over Senator John McCain seems to have been tossed under the bus.
The current poll shows Senator McCain is now with the polls margin of error.

Perhaps the previous poll numbers where not as realistic as the Lightgivers disciples wished they were. Hot Air points out that the polling was a bit lopsided: “The June sample had 324 Democrats to only 231 Republicans…”

It also is important to note that Obama has lost his lead in independent voters. He used have a 48-36 lead and now that has flip flopped like one of his core beliefs, with McCain now leading 41-34.

This is a serious hit to the “momentum” of Flapjack’s campaign. Hillary Rodham Clinton is probably having some “Come to Hillary” chats with the democrat party Overseers. Those so-called “Super Delegates” who are really going to decide who goes up Senator McCain in November.

She can remind them that she polls better against McCain in the general election and that she would bring the PUMAs back into the party.

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