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The utter failure of the democrat Congress

July 31, 2008

HT to Hot Air

Campaign fundraising transparency

July 31, 2008

Guess who has it and who does not. If you said the Republican had more transparency than the far left extremist corrupt Chicago democrat machine party hack, you are correct!

Communist China running true to form

July 30, 2008

Nobody who pays attention can be surprised by this:
China to censor Internet during Games

China will censor the Internet used by foreign media during the Olympics, an organising committee official confirmed Wednesday, reversing a pledge to offer complete media freedom at the games.

Controlling information and punishing those who access information the government doesn’t like is what Communists do.

This reminds me of the Kos Kiddies/DUmmies gleefully listing those they would ban from the airways and print if they gained power.

Why can’t he admit he was wrong

July 29, 2008

Barak H. Obama was clearly and utterly wrong about the Troop Surge in Iraq. It’s well documented, but Obama is clearly trying to deny the truth about what he said.

This level of denial of the facts is not something you want in a President.

The shallowness of Obama’s support

July 29, 2008

I’ve said before that President George W. Bush’s support among Republicans was pretty much limited to “at least he kept Gore and Kerry out of the Oval Office.” Not really glowing support, but it is now seeming much more deep and solid compared to the level support Barak H. Obama has with his supporters when they are actually asked to think about the issue.
Richard Cohen forces a liberal into that uncomfortable condition for a leftist, actually having to think, with this question:

“Just tell me one thing Barack Obama has done that you admire,” I asked a prominent Democrat. He paused and then said that he admired Obama’s speech to the Democratic convention in 2004. I agreed. It was a hell of a speech, but it was just a speech.

HT to Flopping Aces.

When you actually poll people who do vote…

July 29, 2008

…things turn out different. A new poll of likely voters (instead of merely registered voters), shows that Barak H. Obama’s lead disappears like the illusion of his experience.

The poll puts McCain (a liberal Republican) in the lead, but the difference is within the margin of error of the poll. So it seems that support for the “Light Bringer” (or whatever the Hell his disciples are calling him this week) is not that strong outside of the hard far left extremist George Soros bought and paid for nutroot wing of the democrat party.

I certainly hope so…

July 29, 2008

Classical Values makes a prediction:

The era of carbon craziness is almost over.

I certainly hope so. Then Algore and his fellow scam artists will be exposed for the fear mongers they are and the Watermelons will have their socialist Red cores exposed.

Another example of "democrat efficiency"

July 28, 2008

If you hadn’t heard, the democrats are trying to run their convention “Carbon Neutral.”

Well, some of that money they spend on “Carbon Credits” were wasted on a windmill generator that will never work.

This is pretty typical “democrat efficiency.” These are not the people you should be handing the keys to the country over to.

Shining some light on Algore’s bullshit

July 28, 2008

Penn & Teller call Bullshit on the Cult of Algore.

Yes, that Algore, who is making money hand over fist selling Eco-indulgences, while he is shoveling coal on the fires of “Global Warming”

Gore devours an average of 17,768 kWh per month…at a cost of $16,533. By comparison, the average American household consumes 11,040 kWh in an entire year, according to the Energy Information Administration.

Tennessee Center for Policy Research on the massive carbon footprint of the Goracle.

Yes, the same fear mongering Al Gore who showed up to lecture people about “Global Warming” in a convoy consisting of a Cadillac SUV and two Lincoln Town Cars. Each with eight cylinders of carbon producing, gas guzzling, power.

Don’t forget that before he started on his “Save the Planet from Global Warming” campaign, he used his family’s big oil money to found a “Carbon Offset” company. So he’s making money hand over fist by playing on your fears.

Here are 11 “Inconvenient Truths” For Al Gore that he doesn’t want to deal with.

HT to Hot Air and NewsBusters.

Don’t miss Penn & Teller exposing the Socialist roots of “the Green movement.”

Update: Al Gore chickens out on actual debate and Al Gore Blames Global Warming For Cyclone, Bad Construction.

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July 28, 2008

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