Debunking liberal myths.

Flopping Aces has several posts that shine the hard light of reality on some of the more common leftists liberal myths.

First is their non-reality based mantra “Bush lied“.
The democrats in Congress held a hearing to “prove” it, and instead found the truth.

…Another investigation finds that the Bush Administration didn’t lie, fabricate, or deliberately mislead people about the threat posed from Saddam Hussein’s regime. STILL, the average Joe seems to believe that President Bush is an evil mastermind capable of fooling 535 members of Congress, all the national and international media, and successfully cover up a myriad of lies about “Saddam’s wmd” in almost a dozen independent, bi-partisan, often international investigations. Amazing.

The MSM news organizations that had to admit the leftist mantra was in fact, the lie, include the New York Times, the Washington Post and the LA Times.

Don’t expect the far hard left liberals to stop chanting just because the facts are against them.

There are two posts that show that there were links between Saddam’s government and Al Queda.

Captured members of Al Queda groups from this same camp claim that they were assisted, trained, supplied, and funded by Saddam’s IIS as well as taking orders from Saddam’s IIS.

Captured documents confirm their claims.

Captured regime members confirm their claims.

Now even highly anti-war/pro-Democrat MSNBC confirms the claim itself.

Al Queda leaders confirm the claims (Zawahiri and Zarqawi specifically).

Again, don’t expect the liberals to give up this false “talking point” either.
The reality they perceive is not the shared reality of rational adults.

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