Obama’s bait and switch scam

Barak Obama is betting that his supporters can’t do basic math or are actually are in favor of massive tax hikes.
The New England Republican points out that Obama is stealing a page from Bill Clinton‘s playbook, promising a tax cut to get elected. He also reminds us of what actually happened once Billy Jeff Clinton got in the White House.

Bill Clinton’s middle class tax cut turned into the largest retroactive tax increase in our history. A quick look at Obama’s web site tells you the same has to happen here. For example, along with the tax cut, he promises:

* A national healthcare plan
* More drugs and coverage for seniors
* Funding for Zero to Five education
* A $4,000 tax credit for college kids
* More teacher pay
* And on and on it goes….

But the reality nobody wants to face is that we can’t do everything. You can run around yelling “Believe in change!” all you want, but as John Adams pointed out “facts are stubborn things.” Just ask Massachusetts residents about Deval Patrick’s property tax relief if you want to know what happens when a snake oil salesman tries to sell you “change”.

Quite simply, the stubborn fact is that Obama can’t deliver on all his promises and the tax cut will be jettisoned faster than you can say Trinity Church.

Barak Obama has promised to raise the Capital Gains tax, even though he knows that it will result in less revenue collected by the Feds. He wants to take the cap off the Social Security payroll tax, he wants to reinstate the Bill Clinton income tax increases, and the list goes on. Obama wants Change alright, you however, won’t be left with change in your pockets.

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