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A chilling insight into the Obama supporter mindset

June 30, 2008

Newsbusters has been investigating why Google has been locking down anti-Obama blogs.
In particular, blogs put up by Pro-Hillary Clinton groups that do not support the so called “Lightbringer.”

Here is a partial list of blogs shut down for not toeing the Obama party line:

Here is the latest update:

I have been hesitant to post this update because I cannot find a link to prove the claim, but it is starting to look like this Blogspot shut down of anti-Obama sites occurred because of a concerted effort by Obama supporters.

What they did was go to the Blogspot addresses found on the site of the NoObama coalition called Just Say No Deal and constantly hit the “mark as spam” link so that Google’s Blogger would be flooded with spam warnings. This caused Google/Blogger to freeze the sites marked.

Apparently, this campaign merely took advantage of Google/Blogger’s flawed system of finding spam blogs. So, it looks like what we have here is an Obama dirty trick to shut down political opposition. Looks like Obmatons aren’t much for that whole democracy thing, eh?

Yup, this looks like another left wing direct attack on the First Amendment by the Obama supporters.
Odds are it is the far hard left extremist crowd, most of which are not bright enough to know they are owned and operated by George Soros.

It’s also a chilling insight into what American would be like under an Obama Regime for anyone who dares to speak out against the Lightbringer.

Update: More at Hot Air, Bloggasm, and NoQuarterUSA.

Update: Even the New York Times has noticed.

Spreading leftist lies

June 29, 2008

Katrina vanden Heuvel, far left editor of the Nation keeps repeating the liberal mantra that “we are not any safer than we were 7 years ago” on former BJ Clinton staffer, George Swaythepopulus’ show.

This is clearly false. Seven years ago Islamofascists where slamming airliners into the World Trade Centers. Since then, Islamofascists have been restricted to fighting the US military on battlefields on someone else’s real estate.

Reality just isn’t part of the far left liberal’s mindset.

Sunday Morning Quotes

June 29, 2008

Five years ago we were told that increased refinery and oil pumping capability in the US would do no good because it would take five years for those to affect gas pump prices. Query: if we had greatly increased supply over the past five years, would not oil be at about $75/bbl, still high, but not headed to $200? And if we do nothing to increase supply now, where will oil go? … We are in a time of national emergency, but it does not affect the politicians, who continue business as usual.
Dr. Pournelle, HT to Mr. Reynolds

Nukes are out, coal is filthy, wind power destroys Ted Kennedy’s view, and solar leads to “environment fears.” Do they just want us all to freeze in the dark? Pretty much, I’d say …
Glenn Reynolds

Gun Control? It’s the best thing you can do for crooks and gangsters. I want you to have nothing. If I’m a bad guy, I’m always gonna have a gun. Safety locks? You pull the trigger with a lock on, and I’ll pull the trigger. We’ll see who wins.
Sammy “The Bull” Gravano,VANITY FAIR 9/1999 page 165

Evening quotes

June 28, 2008

“If we have to use force, it is because we are American. We are the indispensable nation. We stand tall. We see further into the future.” — Madeleine Albright in 1998, when she was Bill Clinton‘s Secretary of State.

“It’s clear that the true problems of our Nation are much deeper – deeper than gasoline lines of energy shortages, deeper even than inflation or recession. And I realize more than ever that as President I need your help. So, I decided to reach out and listen to the voices of America.” – democrat President Jimmy Carter

“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.” — Republican President Teddy Roosevelt.

“The public understands that Republicans want to fight terrorists, but Democrats only want to fight Republicans.” — Ace

“I voted for the Democrats because I didn’t like the way the Republicans were running the country. Which is turning out to be like shooting yourself in the head to stop your headache.” — Jack Mayberry

The Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel: ultra-left class warrior, defender of the inheritance tax — and trust-fund heiress who fought the IRS all the way to the Supreme Court to avoid paying $2 million in estate taxes.


June 28, 2008

Good News for America

June 26, 2008

The Supreme Court upheld the Second Amendment as an individual right, i.e. reserved for the people.

More at Alphecca, AoSHQ, View From the Porch and Instapundit.

The left has to lie…

June 26, 2008

As I’ve pointed out before, the anti-Civil Rights Victim Disarmament crowd have to lie. The truth just doesn’t support their anti-Human Rights platform.

The latest example, by way of Mr. Reynolds, is NPR‘s own Nina Tottenberg.

Just heard her doing a bit on Heller in which she said that the Supreme Court has always construed the Second Amendment as a collective right. That’s just plain false, and at this stage she should really know better.

Let us review the facts:

“… ‘the people’ seems to have been a term of art employed in select parts of the Constitution. The Preamble declares that the Constitution is ordained, and established by ‘the people of the U.S.’ The Second Amendment protects the right of the people to keep and bear Arms….” – Supreme Court of the U.S., U.S. v. Uerdugo-Uriquidez (1990).

“The states cannot, even laying the Constitutional provision out of view, prohibit the people from keeping and bearing arms so as to deprive the United States of their rightful resource for maintaining public security, and disable the people from performing their duty to general government.” — Supreme Court of the U.S., Presser v. Illinois (1886).

“The conclusion is thus inescapable that the history, concept, and wording of the Second amendment to the Constitution of the United States, as well as its interpretation by every major commentator and court in the first half-century after its ratification, indicates that what is protected is an individual right of a private citizen to own and carry firearms in a peaceful manner.”
– Report of the Subcommittee on the Constitution of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, 97th Congress, Second Session ( February 1982 )

So we have at least two Supreme Court cases, one as recent as 1990, and a finding of the Senate Judiciary Committee, all stating that the 2nd Amendment is an individual right, reserved for the people. Ms. Tottenberg is supposed to be an expert on the subject, and really should know this kind of basic material. Keep in mind that NPR has a history of ignoring the facts when it comes to the basic Human Right of effective self defense.

Obama couldn’t pass a polygraph

June 26, 2008

What member the VRWC said that? None actually. It was beltway pundit Mark Shields on PBS. Mr. Shields was the “left wing” member of the panel, and had the follow to say about Barak H. Obama’s breaking his promise to use public funding:

It was a flip-flop of epic proportions. It was one that he could not rationalize or justify. His video was unconvincing. He looked like someone who was being kept as a hostage somewhere he was so absolutely unconvincing in it. It could not have passed a polygraph test.

I mean, coming up with this bogus argument the Republicans have so much more money — the Republicans don’t have so much more money. He’s raised three times as much as John McCain has.

Mr. Shields followed up in his column:

Sounds good until you check the facts. McCain has raised a grand total of $650,000 from the lobbying industry (Obama pledges not to accept lobbyists’ or PAC money), according to the Center for Responsive Politics, and just 1 percent of his contributions are from PACs. Talk about a paper tiger.

But everybody remembers the most famous 527 group of all, the 2004 “Swift boats” attack ads questioning John Kerry’s bravery in Vietnam. Here are the numbers: The 527 spending has heavily favored Democrats over Republicans in every election cycle since 2000. In 2004, Democratic-leaning 527 groups spent $316 million to Republican-leaning 527s’ $113 million. So far in 2008, the 527 spending has been $116 million to $69 million in favor of the Democrats.

Obama complicated his current situation by publicly proposing in March 2007 an agreement between the two major party nominees to rely exclusively upon public financing for the general election. John McCain immediately agreed. Last November, Obama stated: “I will aggressively pursue an agreement with the Republican nominee to preserve a publicly financed general election,” and on Feb. 26, Obama told the late Tim Russert, who had asked him if he might “break your word” on his public financing pledge, “I will sit down with John McCain and make sure that we have a system that works for everybody.”

There is a valuable lesson here. If you are an Obama supporter, don’t be surprised if you or principles you hold dear are tossed under the bus during the election cycle, or after it.

David Brooks figured it out:

But McCain wouldn’t have done this. When the chips are down and McCain faced the crucial issue of his career, which was backing the surge, he backed the surge thinking it would cost him the presidency. …

On a core issue of character, I do not believe McCain will bend. He’ll bend on all this other stuff he doesn’t care about, but Obama did bend on a core issue of his conscience.

HT to Hot Air

Quote of the Day

June 25, 2008

“The poor have been voting democrat for 50 years and they’re still poor”

— Charles Barkley

Another shining endorsement for Obama

June 25, 2008

Barak H. Obama, after gaining the coveted Triple Crown of Dictators endorsement, is back at work gaining the endorsement of domestic terrorists. Joining the bandwagon is former Weatherman Mike Klonsky.