The Silky Pony endorsement

One term Senator John Edwards, who couldn’t even carry his own state when he was part of the losing Kerry/Edwards ticket in 2004, gave his endorsement to Barak H. Obama.
In a careful calculated move to move Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s stunning 41 point victory over Obama in West Virginia off the media front page, the former trial lawyer and Gulfstream liberal made his announcement.
Clearly Edwards is trying to salvage his political career by attaching himself to Obama. My bet is that he is bucking for the VP slot.

The buzz is that Edwards will bring “white, working-class voters” to the Obama camp. A demographic Obama has not being doing well with (unlike Monica Lewinski’s ex-boyfriend’s wife). I’m not buying into that fantasy. Edwards is a creature of the hard far left extremist liberal end of the democrat party, just like Barak Hussein Obama. Getting the same nutroots worked up into a frenzy isn’t going to add to the number of votes Obama is going to need in the general election.
Just look back to the primary results from South Carolina: Obama 55%, Clinton 27%, John “Silky Pony” Edwards trailing with a pathetic 18%.
The Kentucky primary is coming up and HRC will probably beat Obama there as well.
Her campaign staff is probably happy with Edwards endorsement pick, since they don’t want that silky albatross around their necks.

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