This shouldn’t come as a suprise

DNC chair Howard Dean is a lying weasel.

He must know that he is flat out lying when he says that hundreds of thousands of Republicans crossed over to vote in democrat primaries because they “support the democrat candidates.”

What a crock of horse shit. They crossed over to vote in democrat primaries to screw over the democrat party and keep the democrats fighting each other all the way to Denver. Trying to claim anything else just shows how out of touch with reality and desperate he is.

Here is another ray of reality, bringing up the words of Obama’s spiritual mentor, Rev. Wright, is not racist. Trying to claim it is is an act of desperation. Wright is is a open, bleeding wound in the Obama campaign. His supporters are trying every dirty trick in the book to bind that wound.

Here is the Obama’s campaign problem with Rev. Wright, they don’t have any actual facts about Barry H. Obama to push Wright out of the news. Ok, they do have some facts about him, but they don’t want to put his voting record, or his anti-civil rights victim disarmament policies, out in front of the general American public.

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