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No need to raise taxes…

May 30, 2008

…just get liberals to actually pay their taxes! Joining the ranks of liberal who callf for raising your taxes and don’t pay their own taxes, (such as democrat Senate candidate Al Franken) is uber-liberal far left extremist so-called “journalist” Keith “Bathtub Boy” Olbermann. Details at Olbermann Watch.

New York State has issued a tax warrant against Keith Olbermann for failure to pay taxes on his humbly named personal corporation, Olbermann Broadcasting Empire, Inc. Olbermann is listed in legal records as the President of Olbermann Broadcasting Empire, Inc.

A call to the Albany County Clerk’s Office in upstate New York confirmed that the warrant is still outstanding and that Olbermann has still failed to pay his back taxes. State records show that Olbermann’s company failed to pay $2,269.50 in state taxes. A judgement was entered against Olbermann last summer (Docket Date: 8/21/2007), just weeks before Olbermann closed on a a luxurious $4.2 mm condo at Trump Palace, at 200 East 69th Street.

Air America in the News again.

May 29, 2008

Not for another station dropping the hard far left extremist liberal Err America feed, which is why they are typically in the news.

This goes back to their looting of Bronx charity to ease their cash flow problems.
According to the NY Post:

Evan Montvel-Cohen was picked up by border-patrol officers at Guam International Airport on an outstanding warrant from Hawaii. He had been indicted there last month for money laundering and the theft of more than $60,000 from a Honolulu landscaping firm, prosecutors said.

“We at DOI are not surprised to hear that Mr. Montvel-Cohen was arrested on theft and money-laundering charges,” said Rose Gill Hearn, commissioner of the city’s Department of Investigation, which probed the looting of the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club in Co-op City.

It was Montvel-Cohen who, as development director for Gloria Wise, convinced other club officials in 2003 and 2004 to give $875,000 of taxpayer money to the radio network where he was a top executive and co-founder.

He also received loans from the club of more than $45,000 that were never repaid.

"Eco-Tourists" stuck in thick Arctic Ice

May 29, 2008

By way of AoSHQ is this story from Watts Up With That?. Disciples of Cult of Algore, who are taught that the “Northwest Passage” is almost ice-free these days and getting worse, took a luxury cruise on a Russian ice breaker to see the “environmental deviation.” Then reality took over and the ship hit ice, thick ice. From the Globe and Mail story tells this tale of woe:

The ice master studies the mountains of white packed around the ship while the 24,000-horsepower diesel engines work at full throttle to open a path. The ship rises slowly onto the barrier of ice, crushes it and tosses aside blocks the size of small cars as if they were ice cubes in a glass. It creeps ahead a few metres, then comes to a halt, its bow firmly wedged in the ice. After doing this for two days, the ship can go no farther.

The ice master confers with the captain, who makes a call to the engine room. The engines are shut down. He turns to those of us watching the drama unfold, and we are shocked by his words: “Now, only nature can help this ship.” We are doomed to drift.

What irony. I am a passenger on one of the most powerful icebreakers in the world, travelling through the Northwest Passage – which is supposed to become almost ice-free in a time of global warming, the next shipping route across the top of the world – and here we are, stuck in the ice, engines shut down, bridge deserted. Only time and tide can free us.

After seven days, the ice pack shifted enough for the powerful Russian ice breaker to move. Hardly the vision provided by Backpacker Magazine, which claimed “The ice is so low that the photos clearly show a viable northwest passage sea route along the coasts of Greenland, Canada, and Alaska.”

I’m betting that most of the Cultists aboard will not let the reality they saw with their own eyes sway their belief system.

Yes, the arctic ice melted at record levels last summer, but then over the winter it froze back, covering more area than before and with record thickness. That however doesn’t fit the model of the Cultists.

Is it a good idea to cut back on carbon based pollution? Hell ya! Otherwise you end up like China, where they are building a new dirty coal based power plant every month and people are dropping like flies from lung aliments. Should we commit economic suicide at the same time, like the Kyoto Protocols call for? Hell No!

Step back, look at the science and run the numbers. Figure out which actually makes more sense, a hybrid car that is less environmentally friendly to manufacture than a H2 Hummer or a 4 banger that gets 40+ MPG highway?

The current issue of Wired has a good article called Inconvenient Truths: Get Ready to Rethink What It Means to Be Green. Reading may cause some leftists heads to explode, but then the truth will do that.

First Salute

May 28, 2008

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First Salute, originally uploaded by Eclipse Pics (∆ncient).

First Salutes were done after the commissioning of a batch of fresh new O1s from the Charles River Battalion.

It’s no wonder…

May 28, 2008

the movement to drop the Massachusetts income tax is so popular.

Our current democrat Governor Deval Patrick has increased the budget of his own office by 78%.

It now costs Massachusetts taxpayers $9 million a year for the privilege of being governed by the Man Behind the Curtain.

Where is the money going? Well, you can’t expect the Cadillac of Governors to operate with a Chevrolet pit crew. So he’s bumped the paid staff up above 70, including jobs like “director of grassroots governance,” a “grassroots governance liaison” (hey, you don’t expect the director to do the “liazing” himself, do ya?) and director of online strategy.

The governor’s spokesperson, Cyndi Roy defended these new jobs by insisting “the people of Massachusetts deserve to have their voices heard.”

As long as they’re not voting on income-tax rollbacks or same-sex marriage, that is.

Another $3 million or so is being used to pay for the volunteers in Patrick’s self-aggrandizing “Commonwealth Corps” community service program. What kind of volunteers have to be paid for community service? Why, Devalunteers, of course!

Cold Cash Jefferson is back in the news.

May 28, 2008

Ok, so the MSM won’t give this much play, but democrat Congressman William “Cold Cash” Jefferson, who got caught with $90,000 in cash hidden in his freezer after taking a $100,000 bribe is in trouble again. Patterico has the details:

A civil complaint filed yesterday in a Louisiana federal court reveals new details of an alleged bribery scheme involving Rep. William Jefferson. The alleged bribe is different from the ones for which Jefferson has been indicted. The new details are revealed exclusively here on for the first time.

The background: last month, guest blogger DRJ and I reported on a motion by indicted Louisiana attorney James G. Perdigao. Perdigao’s motion leveled serious accusations of wrongdoing by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Louisiana — and raised new accusations of bribery of then-U.S. Attorney Eddie Jordan and U.S. Representative William Jefferson.

Perdigao’s allegations may help Governor Edwin Edwards challenge his conviction for taking bribes, in return for issuing valuable riverboat casino licenses. Businessman Robert Guidry made about $100 million from one of those licenses, and then testified against Edwards. But Guidry’s plea bargain raised eyebrows across the state. Not only did Guidry receive only five months in a halfway house, but prosecutors also allowed him to keep more than $96 million of the $100 million he made from the illegally obtained license.

"one of the most embarrassing chapters in American journalism"

May 28, 2008

Kyle Drennen correct points out that would be former CBS News anchorDan Rather, using fraudulent National Guard memos to attempt to smear President Bush just prior to the 2004 election.”

Double Plus Good Duck Speak from MSNBC

May 28, 2008

According to the “unbias reporters” at MSNBC, you are not having your identity stolen by illegal criminal immigrants, you are sharing your identity with “undocumented workers.” That is, of course, utter bullshit shoveled your way by the far hard left extremists at the so-called “news organization” at MSNBC.


When will Obama meet with General Petraeus?

May 28, 2008

American Energy

May 28, 2008

By way of TigerHawk is this article about America and Energy:

Candidate Obama, like so many lefties, seems to believe anything bad about the United States, without even submitting it to critical thinking. He said on May 19, 2008, for example, that 3% of the world’s population (i.e., in his calculation, the United States) accounts for 25% of the greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere. In the 1970s, the lefties used to talk about 6% of the world’s population using 25% of the world’s energy. Even before Obama, they were blaming America first.

…the United States has invented nearly 100% of what the modern world means by “energy.” And it has helped the rest of the world to use 75%.

Why can’t the other peoples of the world learn how to discover, invent, and develop new kinds of energy? Why must the whole burden be placed upon the people of the United States?

TigerHawk sums up the leftist mindset well.

In the end this is just another variant on the anti-Americanism of people who assume that the world’s wealth was found in the ground or given to us by Allah or extracted from the stolen labor of working people. If you believe — as I do — that wealth is the surest expression of human creativity, then you also believe that America’s great inventions spring from our system, not the natural resources with which we have been endowed or the winnings of imperialism. But most peoples of the world (including American leftists) do not understand this — which is why they do not invent anything important — and instead view American wealth as if it were looted, rather than created. Hey, if I thought America was rich from theft rather than creativity, I’d feel guilty too.