NY Times Buries Haditha Exoneration

NRO points out that the liberal New York Times thinks a hint of bad news for the US Military is worthy of the front page headline, while the news that the charges have been dropped gets buried inside.

Military scandals are always front-page news—until they turn out to be less scandalous than thought. The New York Times gave huge play to the allegations of a massacre—”in cold blood,” as Democrat John Murtha put it—by U.S. forces at Haditha. It was front-page stuff, with “World Ends”-sized headlines. But now, almost all of the men charged have had their charges dropped, and many of those who have followed the case wonder why charges were brought in the first place, given that the evidence was so weak that it didn’t even make it to trial.

So where does the New York Times play the dropping of charges against U.S. marine Stephen Tatum? Halfway down the page in the last column of A8.

Here are some of the stories that the New York Times deemed more important than the fact that a marine accused of murder in Iraq is guilty of no wrongdoing at all:

* Japanese Author Guides Women to “Dignity,’ but Others See Dullness
* In Asia, a Fear of Turmoil Over Rice Prices
* Japanese Court Rejects Lawsuit Against Nobel Laureate Over Suicides in World War II
* Growing Gulf Divides China And Old Foe

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