If the left shoe fits…

Barak Obama is saying that he doesn’t want to be classified as a liberal.
The truth is he has a voting record that puts him to the left of the “Liberal Lion” Senator Ted Kennedy.
So, not only is he a liberal, he is a far hard left extremist liberal.
That is just the easily observable flat out truth of the matter.
The International Herald Tribune quotes him as saying,

“we need a leader who can finally move beyond the divisive politics of Washington and bring Democrats, independents and Republicans together to get things done.”

A policy which is not shown by his voting record. The person running with the record of bipartisanship, which Obama is calling for, is John McCain. That is also an easily observable flat out truth.
Barak Obama’s voting record is one of “divisive politics.” His campaign has managed to tear the democrat party in half (not that I’m complaining about that…) and is causing the party Overseers to chug MaloxTM the way the usually chug whiskey.
Not that Obama’s fracturing the party is bad thing. He has shown that the Iron Fisted Reign of the Clintons of the DNC is over and that the Black vote is is not owned by the DNC party Overseers.

What Obama’s campaign is not is what he is trying to tell you it is. He is trying to con you into believing that he is “the kind of president who would be able to unify the country.” Sadly, according to the last New York Times/CBS News Poll, 67 percent of all registered voters are buying his bullshit.

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