That’s gonna leave a mark…

Obama just defeated Hillary Rodham Clinton once again, this time in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin was seen as a “must win”, and win big, state for the once “Inevitable” candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Losing will just make her attempts to win by way of the so-called “super delegates” even more pathetic and desperate than they are ready are.

Just remember, that Barak Obama is not good news for America either. He just doesn’t bring that 30+ years of the Culture of Corruption and the Politics of Personal Destruction baggage along that the Clintons do. Oh, and that whole illegal campaign contributions from the Communist Chinese government thing too.

UPDATE: Obama won Hawaii by a landslide. That makes 10 wins in row. Hillary Rodham Clinton is taking the Sore Loserman road by refusing to concede any of the states she lost or to congradulate Senator Obama on his wins.
I’m guessing her staffers are getting really good at dodging thrown lamps.

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