A crack in the Inevitability

One of the key aspects of the strength behind Hillary Rodham Clinton’s March on the Presidency has been the projection of a sense of Inevitability.

An Inevitability that was weakened in the last debate when she could not or would not answer a simple direct question about one of the high visibility issues put forth by the Governor of the state she allegedly represents in the Senate. Edwards and Obama smelled the weakness and went after it, as well they should have (and should have been doing much earlier).

The smell of fear coming from the Clinton campaign grew stronger when they accused the “boys” of “ganging up” on the lone woman Hillary. So much for her being the strong, tough, defender of the communists, or as they prefer to be called, “progressives” against the evil forces of Darth Rove. The desperation became even more obvious as the HRC campaign attacked Tim Russert for for doing his job as moderator of the debate. Earth to HRC and the democrats, if you can’t handle Tim Russert, Russian President Putin is going to make you his bitch.

So, there is a big crack in Hillary’s aura of Inevitability. If Edwards and Obama have a pair, they are going to try and make that crack much bigger. For added bonus, if they do go after her, it would be educational to the American public to see HRC’s mask of civility slip. Because, let’s be real here, that sense of her Inevitability as the next President is larger nowhere than in her own ego. She doesn’t like the fact that she has to go through the process of actually being elected and having to share the stage with those lesser beings. In her view, she should just be anointed to the office. That pesky 22nd Amendment can be dealt with later.

So, I’m hoping for a rigorous exchange of ideas in Las Vegas tonight, with some contact made. Some political bloodsport between the democrat candidates tonight is just what we need to get this show on the road.

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