Standard Clinton Policy

Back in 1999, Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign staffers said this about a planted question for HRC “this is not standard policy and will not be repeated again.”

Max Follmer, at the Huffington Post brings us this flashback, reminding us that Hillary Clinton would be bringing all the Clinton scandal baggage back to the White House if America is unfortunate enough for here to assume the office of the President.

Here is transcript the MSNBC broadcast that pointed out that HRC wants everything scripted, down to the questions she is “asked”:


WILLIAMS: Good evening.

We have a lot to tell you about tonight, beginning with what had become a whisper campaign of late, and it went like this: After what turned into a somewhat disastrous trip to the Middle East and with polls showing she should not run, Hillary Rodham Clinton just might pull out of the race for Senate from New York. Well, today, the first lady, responding to a planted question at a Teachers Union event made it clear she is in the race for the US Senate.

ANDREA MITCHELL, NBC CORRESPONDENT (on-camera): Brian, today’s events were as carefully choreographed as the New York City Ballet.

This is just Standard Operating Procedure for HRC. Let’s flashback to this comment on her 1999 Senate run:

“If [Hillary Clinton’s New York state] Listening Tour had been any further scripted, it would have to have been registered with the Writers Guild.”

Update: The details on the current question planting scandal.

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