You can’t make this shit up…

By way of DUmmie FUnnies, actual moonbat ranting:

A coup that started with the assination of John Kennedy when he tried to wrest this country currancy away from the Federal Reserve Board which is this country branch of the global banking cartel. Then they had to get rid of Bobby because he went after J.Edgar Hoover’s pals in the mob. Of course Dr. King had to go for obvious reasons. And lastly John Lennon. Any and all heroic figures that could unite and rally the people had to go, that’s why we’ve Nazi thugs in the Whitehouse and perverted spineless leeches in congress. Only Kucinch and Ron Paul the fascist scum in their respective parties and I fear for their lives.

Oh my, that is somebody who is seriously off their meds, and sadly for the Republic, a fought over democrat primary voter.

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