Good thing they aren’t in Iran…

I’m going to use Pilgrims title from Say Anything, it’s just that good.

Brokeback Palestinians?
I’ll bet those Brokeback Palestinians were riding bareback too…

It seems that Hamas and Fatah are exchanging very public allegations – backed up by action packed CD’s – that high ranking members of each party are having sweaty, hairy man sex with each other. Heh. I know I probably shouldn’t laugh, but check this out:

Shortly after the Islamist movement wrested control of the Strip, Hamas officials began talking about “embarrassing” and “damning” documents and films that were seized inside Palestinian Authority security headquarters formerly controlled by Fatah.

According to the officials, the Fatah men had been spying on several senior PA officials, some of whom were caught on tape having homosexual intercourse.

A DVD distributed among a limited number of Hamas representatives features a former PA official having sex with another man. The disc, according to a Palestinian journalist in Gaza City, is being sold on the black market for NIS 20.

According to Fatah, a Hamas imam was recently caught having sex with a male minor in a mosque basement.

In another incident, according to Fatah, a senior member of Hamas’s armed wing, Izaddin Kassam, was expelled from his refugee camp after he was caught having sex with a male colleague in a vehicle.

Pilgrim brings it on home with this:

I really don’t know why I’m somewhat surprised at this. Not that homosexuality exists in the Middle East, I mean. It exists everywhere despite statements to the contrary from idiots like Ahmadinejad. My surprise is that they would out each other like this. Although, really, what else can you expect from a culture that treats their women like property and dresses them like Cousin It minus the little derby?

And I just have one more thing to add…..BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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