A couple of notes on the 2008 election cycle.

One, just about everyone I’ve talked to in the past two days had no idea that there was a democrat candidate debate Wednesday night.

If you missed it, let me sum it up for you.

Hillary Rodham Clinton (Socialist, where ever she damn well pleases) beat the other candidates like rented mules. She was able to do this because she’s smart enough, more than Evil enough, and doggone it, people fear her.

Barak Obama didn’t go after her in any big way because he’s still hoping for the VP slot on her ticket.

John “Silky Pony” Edwards tried to be mean (sorry John, that’s your wife’s job), because it was probably explained to him that after his lousy performance as a VP candidate in 2004, no way is someone as smart as Hillary is going to give him a second chance.

Unless he can pull a huge mucking rabbit out of his ass and do amazing well in several of the early primaries, he’s dead meat.

Second, I’ve got good news for those of you on the left and the Right who range from just plain tired of to absolutely disgusted by President George W. Bush.

He is not running for re-election. As of COB 1/20/08, someone else will be President. Vice-President Cheney is not running for any office in 2008. He’s going to retire and spend more time with his grandkids, yes, including the one with two mommies.

None of the current Republicans running for President have serious ties to the current White House, so you probably won’t see a lot of Cabinet and staff retreads either.

So if your BDS is causing your blood pressure to rise, get over it. That problem is going away, and you should “move on” and start worrying about the problems that will be caused by the next resident of the Oval Office, whomever that may be.

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