News Flash! The MSM has been lying to you!

Not really a news flash for those who have been paying attention.
An examination of the NY Times article on Blackwater shows that Iraq is safer than one would think from watching CBS “news”:

I was under the impression that every time a convoy left the Green Zone it was like the scene in Mad Max II where the fuel tanker (no spoilers in case you haven’t seen it) driven by Max leaves the good guys’ compound. I pictured insurgents leaping off buildings on to the roofs of SUVs, IEDs going off left, right and centre, and suicide car bombs and RPGs coming from every direction.

Where did I get this impression? From watching the TV news and reading the mainstream news websites. It’s almost as if… as if… the media is exaggerating how bad things are in Iraq!

Glenn Reynolds makes a very interesting observation:

It reminds me of when the Soviets used to show newsreels of Vietnam protests as evidence of how bad things were in America, only to have the audience think, “hey, everybody in these films has new shoes!”

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