Let us not repeat the mistakes of the 90s

Curt at Flopping Aces points out:

The more you look into Hillary Clinton’s political past you get a glimpse into her political future. A future filled with behind closed doors back rubbing. Just as Murtha was caught on tape telling a undercover officer that he will accept a bribe in the future we have lots of evidence collected over the years that Hillary Clinton is just as bad, if not worse.

He has lots of data. Read the whole thing.

He has an excellent summary:

As long as a Democrat is in power the left cares little about the President’s character. Bill Clinton commits adultery and lies under oath….don’t matter. He is still treated like a king by the left. Hillary Clinton caught over and over and over again taking scandalous donations, and then lying about them….doesn’t matter. She is the heir apparent.
Meanwhile just a hint of scandalous behavior by a Republican and they are quickly thrown over the side of the ship. A small price to pay to ensure that the Republican party stays the party of ethics, character, and a strong moral fiber. While there will always be rotten politicians, the way the party deals with their rotten apples provides the backbone for generations to come.

And so far the Democrat party has no backbone.

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