Err America vs. the First Amendment

I was driving a rental car the other day with Satellite Radio. So I took the opportunity to listen to Err America. I haven’t been able to listen to that far left extremist train wreck since they were pulled from the Boston area AM station that carried them so they could broadcast a profitable format.

There were two topics the host hit on. One, goods made in China are not made to US Health Standards. This has been obvious to anyone paying attention for years, but the loopy left is just catching on.

The second topic was Err America’s support for that attack on the First Amendment known as the so called “Fairness Doctrine.” In case you haven’t heard of it, it is federal regulation of what can and can not be said, about politics, on privately owned AM radio stations. It would have the federal government creating a law that regulates what kind political speech can be made on public airwaves, by privately owned radio stations. A bit of history here, AM radio was nearly put out of business by FM. The medium was saved by Talk Radio, in particular conservative Talk Radio. The liberal MSM had a strong lock on print and television, there was no FM talk to speak of, but AM airtime was available at a low cost compared to FM, print or TV. Conservative Talk Radio has been successful because it is popular. A lot of people want to listen to it. That results in advertisers spending money. There have been attempts at left wing talk radio on the AM bandwidth, but it has failed almost every time. Err America couldn’t even make a profit in the oh so Blue Commonwealth of Massachusetts!

Err America supports to attack on the First Amendment for several reasons. First off, they do not own any actual radio stations. They just try to sell content to the people who invested in the capital of broadcast stations and federal licenses. This attack on the First Amendment wouldn’t force Err America to broadcast any opposing views, it only effects the people who actually own the stations. It would force the owners to drop profitable Conservative Talk Radio air time in order to broadcast unprofitable far left extremist programming, which is what Err America produces. They view this as a double win for them. It would force profitable programming that they don’t agree with off the air and give them “free” access to markets they couldn’t compete in under the open (and Fair) market. If the loss of profitable programming drove the station bankrupt, this would still be a win for Err America, since they would have silenced their political foes.

Such behavior from liberals is appalling. It is entirely expected from so called “progressives”, who are actually Communists who don’t want to be admit they are Communists.

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