In in the interest to equal time…

Barbara Durkin replies to Mr. Stubblefield with the following article:

Marx Would Have Loved Kyoto

“Climate Change: Canada’s new leader is taking heat over an old letter saying Kyoto was a “socialist scheme” to redistribute wealth on a global scale. Was Karl Marx the first environmentalist?

Opponents of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who heads Canada’s minority conservative government, have seized upon remarks he made in a 2002 fundraising letter to blast his leadership on the issue of climate change.

In that letter, Harper described the Kyoto Protocol as “a socialist scheme to suck money out of wealth-producing nations.” He voiced his support for the “campaign to block the job-killing, economy-destroying Kyoto accord,” an agreement he said was “based on tentative and contradictory scientific evidence about climate trends.”

“He was right on all counts.”

“The simple reality is that no nation can continue to grow economically without its emissions growing. It is also true that Kyoto is a recipe for global poverty. The annual loss for the U.S., according to the U.N.’s own figures, could be as high as 1.96% of GDP.

Today’s $1.3 trillion economy would take a $260 billion hit every year — totaling more than $11 trillion by 2050.
So in the absence of sound science and the presence of demonstrable economic harm, what is driving the global warmers with such passion?

Simply a passion for global redistribution of power and wealth.”

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