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A Comment On Leftist Hypocracy

February 27, 2007

From a glamdroid watch website:

So I’m supposed to live like a raccoon while this tubby f*ck drives a go-cart from room to room on his fabulous estate. These dirty god-damn hippies all tell me how awful America is and how great everyone else is, and we should all roll around in the mud like these third world nightmares whose number one export is alien like diseases, meanwhile he’s flying back and forth to Caligula-like parties in Beverly Hills on his 20 million-dollar Gulfstream jet. I’m supposed to power my shower with a treadmill, but according to this editorial in the USA Today, Gore can’t even be bothered to sign up for “earth friendly” power sources like wind energy, even though the utility companies that service his homes (he has three) in Tennessee and Washington DC offer it as an alternative.

They don’t care if you suffer while alive or die as long as you submit to their will.

For them power over others is the source of their sustainance. The state of Liberty, where we deal with each other on the basis of consent, is toxic to them.

For them: Power is life. Freedom is death.

Barbarians (paleo or neo) are funny that way.

14 years ago today…

February 26, 2007

…the first World Trade Center bomb attack by Islamofacists took place.
No mention of it in the MSM that I’ve seen.

Thoughts this morning…

February 26, 2007

…are on hold until I have coffee.

Way to go Cuz!

February 25, 2007

Our Australian cousins get it.

Good analogy

February 25, 2007

Poaching on Queen’s Property.

How dare he!

Quote of the day

February 24, 2007

“Anyone who can increase the U.S. Navy to 600 ships AND say on a broadcast “I have just signed legislation outlawing the Soviet Union” simply ROCKS!…” — Joel Callahan on one of the greatest US Presidents of the 20th Century, Ronald Reagan.

An actual outing of Covert Agents

February 23, 2007

I’m betting that all the far left loonie extremist democrats who have been weeping and tearing at their clothes over the non-outing of non-covert Beltway Bandit Plame will not even care one whit about this.
Lori Byrd tells the story of the L.A. Times “outing” of three North Carolina pilots who worked for Aero Contractors and flew CIA rendition flights.

Don’t expect the same type treatment the Plame case received to be applied to this story. The L.A.Times story ends with this quote about one of the rendition missions, “On the flight back to Washington, after the snow had cleared, the rendition team celebrated by ordering 17 shrimp cocktails and three bottles of fine Spanish wine, according to catering invoices obtained by the prosecutors. ” I don’t remember seeing much attention paid to Joe and Valerie Wilson’s cocktails, but I guess that is because their story was about how they were victims of an outing.

Pathetic liberal far left loon takes it to new lows

February 23, 2007

A democrat Facebook stalker of those he disagrees with politically, along with comically macho chest beating and criminal assault.

My Favorite amoung the democrats running

February 22, 2007

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. Ok, he’s a former Clintonite (UN ambassador and Sec. of Energy) and democrat.

He is however, better on RKBA issues than the Republicans leading in the polls and all of the democrats running, I like his policies on energy better than any candidates that I’ve heard so far, and he is tougher on illegal immigration issues than President Bush.

Guilty until proven innocent

February 21, 2007

That is the standard for non-liberals it seems. Rob points out this interesting choice of words by Reuters:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A former aide to Vice President Dick Cheney will have a last chance to convince a jury he is not guilty of perjury on Tuesday as a trial that has exposed the inner workings of the White House draws to a close.