Speaking Truth to Power…

In this case It’s John Podheretz on the “Iraq Study Group”

YES, it’s been quite a week for the 10 members of the Iraq Study Group, the committee formed last spring to offer recommendations on a path forward in Iraq.

They had a wonderfully invigorating leak session the other day with The New York Times, which was the first recipient of the group’s key top-level save-America recommendation.

Co-chairmen James “Is There An Arab Dictator Nearby Whose Butt I Can Kiss” Baker and Lee “Yes, I’m Still Alive” Hamilton didn’t even bother to pretend to brief the president or key lawmakers first.

HT to Michael Graham, who makes a couple of spot on observations:

The so-called “Study Group” is a classic study in government arrogance and establishment cluelessness. James Baker would have been a proud supporter of Chamberlain’s negotiations with Hitler in 1938, leaking word to the Times of London about “peace in our time.”


Watching James Baker and Lee Hamilton and the rest of the ISG oozing self-importance and slapping each other’s backs, all I could think of was my high school student council.

Remember those pompous, clueless kids so desperately seeking popularity and power? Remember the time they wasted on irrelevant resolutions and pointless debates? Remember how proud your local student council president was announcing the “official position” of a bunch of 16-year-olds on nuclear disarmament and apartheid?

Well, they’re back. Only this time, they could get us all killed.

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