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The truth of the Matter…

September 22, 2006

No American 1st Amendment in Venezuela, where one does Dance with the Devil:

Internal repression and censorship have followed [other fascist developments]. A report released last month by Freedom House found: “Venezuela’s scores have dropped across the board in all four indicators of good governance addressed in the study: accountability and public voice, civil liberties, rule of law, and anti-corruption and transparency. In fact, only Nepal, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria have experienced a greater net change for the worse.” [Venezuluelan President Hugo Chevez] has, in fact, cracked down on “disrespect for government authorities” (a crime expressed in language evoking another Western hero: Cartman from “South Park”) and has created a “blacklist of political opponents.”

Poster on the walls of the "Loose Change" offices

September 22, 2006

The folks at Attack Cartoons probably think they are going farther than those moonbats actually do.

I’m betting that the sad reality of just how twisted their conspiracy theories are goes beyond this.

A Question.

September 22, 2006

Why did President Clinton unilaterially send the US Military to invade Kosovo, Serbia and Bosnia? Just was their direct threat to US National Security?

Someone Else’s Thought For The Day

September 19, 2006

Quote from tonight’s episode of Law and Order: SVU:

“You shoot to kill, you don’t second guess with a terrorist.”

The return of DDT!

September 19, 2006

This time it is the World Health Organization that is calling for its rational, common sense use to control deadly diseases such as Malaria.

Today is…

September 19, 2006

International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Aaaarrrrrghhhh!

Remember when…

September 19, 2006

Blonde Sagacity has more details.

Even I agree with Maureen Dowd now and then…

September 17, 2006

Ms. Dowd wrote:

Feminism died in 1998 when Hillary allowed henchlings and Democrats to demonize Monica as an unbalanced stalker, and when Gloria Steinem defended Mr. Clinton against Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones.”

I was reminded of this by Rightwing Sparkle in a post about Bill Clinton and a rather undiverse group of NYC liberal bloggers.
How undiverse you ask? Ace sums it up:

“All races and creeds are represented, from “pale” to “pinkish” to “pasty.”
It’s a Rainbow Coalition, all right, at least if the rainbow you’re thinking of is a pale, ghostly emanation on the Ethereal Plane.

There is a whole post about the politics of breasts and the closely related subject of Bill Clinton over at Ann Althouse’s blog.

Massachusetts Liberalism In a Nutshell

September 17, 2006

Bruce at mAss Backwards sums it up.

He nails one of the democrat candidates in the comments:

Reilly is a devious, totalitarian, lying, assmunch whose loyalties lie with the lobbyists and sugar daddies who have been propping him up all these years. I don’t believe word one that comes out of his acrid, statist lips.

Update: From reading several New England political blogs, I find that Right of Center Bay Staters (Republicans, Conservatives, Right leaning Libertarians) would all rather see Deval Patrick or Chris Gabrieli than Reilly.
They would not rather see a democrat in the Governor’s office, but at least Patrick and Gabrieli are actual liberal democrats and perhaps a 100% liberal government in the Commonwealth would shock some reality into people (i.e. Socialism doesn’t work).

With Reilly, his administration would be filled with the grafting, dishonest, steal every tax payer dollar possible crooks the Massachusetts democrat party is infamous for, that there may not be a state left to salvage once he’s done…

The growing face of the moonbat left…

September 15, 2006

These victims of advanced BDS are going to cut the throat of the democrat party with Occam’s razor.

Stop by Cox & Forkum for a good round up.

Some of hot spots for actual truth and reality are: Screw Loose Change and the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s detailed report on their investigation of the collapse of the World Trade Center.