It’s a big tent party…

Obviously not the democrats, which is moving farther and farther to the far hard left extremist liberal end, but the Republicans.
Case in point, the race for governor in Nevada has former adult film star Melody “Mimi Miyagi” Damayo running in the Republican primary.
From the interview at Right Wing News:

John Hawkins: When did you start getting into politics and what drew you to the Republican Party?

Mimi Miyagi: I am an avid supporter of bearing arms since 2001….I love the people in the (Republican Party). I have been to some of the Democratic parties here and there, but the positivity, the upbeat attitude of the Republicans was more for me.

John Hawkins: So, you kind of thought the Democrats were pessimistic and negative?

Mimi Miyagi: …I don’t like all the mudslinging and a lot of the things they say about the Republicans really (aren’t) true. The Republican Party is about individualism, it’s about freedom, it’s about lowering taxes. That is something I truly believe in.

Mimi Miyagi: …The Republican Party is about individualism and people who support free speech…it only makes sense to fall into that Party.

HT to Ace.

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