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On the other hand…

May 24, 2006

House Speaker Dennis Hastert is acting like an idiot in his baseless claims that the search warrants served against democrat congressman William Jefferson were illegal.

It’s still not Fitzmas…

May 24, 2006

Despite the hopes and dreams of ABC “reporter” Brian Ross, House Speaker Dennis Hastert is not under investigation by the Justice Department.

The reports that the Representative from Louisiana, democrat William Jefferson, had $90,000 in, ahem, “cold cash” from bribes hidden in his freezer are still true.

An attack on civil rights by the usual suspects.

May 24, 2006

Alphecca has the details on it.

One reason Fitzmas didn’t come this time either…

May 24, 2006

The Washington Post pointed out the reason, but some people still aren’t connecting the dots.

The claim that President Bush’s top political strategist had been indicted in the CIA leak investigation was written by a journalist who has battled drug addiction and mental illness and been convicted of grand larceny. That didn’t stop more than 35 reporters — from all the major newspapers, networks and newsmagazines — from calling Luskin or Rove’s spokesman, Mark Corallo, to check it out.

The reports appeared on the liberal Web site, run by Marc Ash, a former advertising man and fashion photographer in California. Jason Leopold, the author of the stories, directed inquiries to Ash, who says that “we stand by the story. We have multiple points of independent confirmation of what we originally reported. Our problem is, the prosecutor’s office is under no obligation to go public.”

Leopold acknowledges in a new book, “News Junkie,” that he is a past liar, convicted felon and former alcoholic and cocaine addict. An earlier version of the book was canceled by publisher Rowman & Littlefield last year.

HT to USS Neverdock

Viral anti-war video most likely a fake.

May 24, 2006

Very popular on youtube and other video servers is a clip allegedly made by member of the US Army Rangers/Special Forces detailing “war crimes” he and others supposedly committed in Iraq.

It appears that it is a very poorly made fake by a pathetic loser out to spread socialist propaganda.

Milblogs has numerous postings detailing the flaws in his story and uniform.

There was no one by that name in either the Rangers or Special Forces according to the US Army:

Today, the Army ran a check on Mr. MacBeth’s credentials. It turns out, not surprisingly to anybody with half a mind, that Mr. MacBeth has NO Army service record. Anywhere. Period. This is a direct quote given to me by Army spokesman John Boyce:

“Initial research by the U.S. Army Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg shows no Soldier with the name of Jesse Macbeth having ever been assigned to the Special Forces or the Army Rangers — which are, in fact, two separate disciplines. This appears to be some sort of hoax. No Soldier by that name at Fort Lewis to our knowledge, in the past, either. Of course, the line about “go into the Army or go to jail” is vintage TV script not heard since the 1960s. There are also numerous wear and appearance issues with the Soldier’s uniform — a mix of foreign uniforms with the sleeves rolled up like a Marine and a badly floppy tan beret worn like a pastry chef. Of course, the allegations of war crimes are vague, as are the awards the Soldier allegedly received.”

There is an extensive Wikipedia entry on Macbeth and the glaring flaws in his story.

HT to the Mudville Gazette.

And the winner is…

May 22, 2006

Sayanything had an “Ask PETA” contest and winner is Likwidshoe with this entry:

Alex Pacheco, co-founder and former chairman of PeTA once said, “Arson, property destruction, burglary, and theft are ‘acceptable crimes’ when used for the animal cause”. Since PeTA has euthanized tens of thousands of animals tends to kill the vast majority of animals it “rescues”, would it be acceptable to burn your house down? If not, why the double standard?

All the runners up, and everyone else, is asked to to eat an animal for PETA today.

Another example of rational & reasoned arguments from the left…

May 22, 2006

Well, no. Not really. Another example a hate filled rant spewed by another (un)cultured member of the (in)tolerant left.
This one is directed at Right Wing Sparkle.

About that "Culture of Corruption"

May 22, 2006

Democrat “leaders” such as Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi have used this term in relation to a number of real or perceived scandals involving Republicans.

They should pay more attention to their own party members, as democrat Rep. William Jefferson of Louisiana is in a bit of trouble with the law.
The FBI has a video of him accepting a $100,000 bribe.
The FBI, operating on a search warrant, found $90,000, in cash, in Jefferson’s freezer, divided amoung various frozen food containers.

To his credit, democrat Party Chairman Howard Dean told ABC News last week that Jefferson should resign if indicted. Jefferson has stated that he will not do the honorable thing and resign. It will be interesting to see if Dean sticks to his guns and pressures Jefferson and if any democrat leadership will do so also.

Remember that this is the same Rep. Jefferson who used the National Guard to retreive material from his flooded New Orleans home.

“Finally, according to the source, Jefferson emerged with a laptop computer, three suitcases, and a box about the size of a small refrigerator, which the enlisted men loaded up into the truck.”

Where are the racists?

May 21, 2006

democrat Harry Reid claims that making English the official language of the United States of America is racist.

For a much better example of ugly racism, you need look no farther than the intolerant liberal left.

The headline should read…

May 20, 2006

“Taliban Attacks, Gets Their Asses Handed To Them.”

Rob points out the reality hidden in a Washington Post story.