Quick Reviews


The latest offering from Richard Marcinko, the retired Navy Commander who founded SEAL Team Six and did time in a federal prison for pissing off Admirals.
Good solid Rogue Warrior TM fare. Demo Dick and team are running amuck in the Homeland, yes, that means he’s under contract to the Department of Homeland Security (the book is dedicated to those in the department, including First Responders).
Marcinko the author learned from his last book, and teamed up with a solid writer again. It makes for a more solid book and a better read.
One of my favorite parts is where his team does their Red Cell thing to a Nuclear Power Planet just north of New York City.
They even stole an ambulance from my old home town, Wappingers Falls, NY, for the caper. One thing that caught my eye was the mention of all the details about the plant, available from various anti-nuclear web sites, that made his job of “playing” terrorist all the easier.
If you are a fan of Mr. Marcinko’s books, you’ll probably like this one too, and probably better than the last one.


John Ringo departs from his usual SciFi-MilFic for a straight action adventure set in modern day with more than a bit of kink.
Richard Marcinko has this to say about this book, “John Ringo’s done it again! Ghost is a complete adrenaline rush, filled with nonstop, kick ass action and hair-raising suspense.” Plus the added feature of explicit sex scenes involving B&D/S&M.
To be honest, it’s about as shocking to todays mainstream literature as Ian Flemings sex scenes in the 1960’s James Bond books.
It’s nothing that Elf Sternberg didn’t do over a decade ago. Mr. Sternberg is a self-published internet author however, while John Ringo is a NY Times best selling author.
Leaving the steamy sex, even the sex involving two barely legal (18 & 19) college girls, aside, the rest of the book is good straight forward action/adventure. The bad guys are terrorists, mostly Islamic, some former Soviet Client staters, and really bad.
The good guys are good, even if some of them have issues, like the hero of the book…
One way funny part of the book was here one of the college freshman co-ed was on the phone with her mother and finds out that her parents have been into “the scene” longer than she has been been alive and has to answer very technical and clinical kinky sex questions from what she thought was her uptight suburban mom.
If you like rough and tumble close quarters military action, especially where terrorists drop like flies, and are not upset by equally rough and tumble sex, stop by your local bookstore and pick up Ghost (or order it through Amazon using the handy link).
If you have never read anything by John Ringo before, the hardcover contains a CD with all of his previous work in several unencrypted formats, plus two books by Travis “Doc” Taylor.

All Jacked Up, Gretchen Wilson’s latest CD.

A good solid country CD. Some of the low reviews at Amazon are probably due to the fact that her first CD was a fornicating great country CD, and All Jacked Up pales in comparison. Leaving that comparison aside, IMNSHO, it’s a gospel song short of being a classic Country CD. On a 5 star scale, I’d give it 3, plus one more for the bonus track. A cover of a Billy Holiday song that proves that this ex-bartender has paid her dues and can sing the blues. The intro to the song points out that it’s done right, “Four Players, one voice, one microphone, one take.” My favorite track, besides the bonus song, One Bud Wiser.

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