A loosing Proposition

Cinnomon Stillwell explains in detail why gun bans are a bad idea.
Here are some highlights:

If there’s anything Americans have learned from the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, it’s that there are times when the government is simply unable to protect its citizens. The looting of nonessential items, robberies, carjackings, murders and rapes that overtook New Orleans as chaos gripped the city demonstrated what can happen when the government loses control.

Countless stories were told about unarmed citizens who were defenseless against the criminals who preyed upon them. Only those who were armed were able to fend off the encroaching violence. In such cases, self-defense is all that’s left, which is perhaps why gun sales rose exponentially in Louisiana right after the disaster. The fact that police and military units in New Orleans later began confiscating those weapons does not bode well for the city’s remaining residents.

If the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has its way, law-abiding residents could find themselves at the mercy of criminals in the event of a similar disaster. Given that the Bay Area is ground zero for earthquakes, it’s not a very good idea to take away residents’ capacity to fend for themselves. But Proposition H, a measure on the November ballot that seeks to ban handguns in San Francisco, would do just that….
While taking handguns away from citizens, Prop. H provides an exemption for “any City, state or federal employee carrying out the functions of his or her government employment,” such as police officers and members of the military or the National Guard. In other words, it creates a police state. For such an anti-authoritarian city, this seems a strange goal indeed.

The Committee to Oppose Handgun Ban, which describes itself as “a grassroots liberal political action committee” and whose chairman Davy Jones is a “a LGBT community leader, union member, advocate for civil rights,” hardly sounds like a bunch of right-wingers.

Apparently, respect for Second Amendment rights cuts across all ideological boundaries. Except for those of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, that is.

HT to the Heartless Libertarian

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