Dispelling the Myth

By way of Say Anything comes the results of Rusty Shackleford’s survey of bloggers and their military service (or lack thereof):

…among the top bloggers on both the Left and Right, only a minority have ever served in the military. Are bloggers on the Left draft-dodging haters of the military? There’s no evidence to suggest that. Are bloggers on the Right warmongering chickenhawks eager to send others to war but not face that risk themselves? There is certainly no evidence to suggest that either.

Moreover, among top bloggers at least, it would seem that bloggers on the Right have a slight advantage in terms of numbers who have seen active military duty. There is no basis in reality, then, to the widespread accusation that the Right bloggers are members of the 101st Fighting Keyboardists.

Rob has a damn fine summary:

Clearly this dispels the myth that one must have served in the military in order to support the war, which is a prerequisite that makes about as much sense as saying that you must have served as a human shield in Iraq in order to oppose the war.

Update: Mr. Goldstein posts a Veteran’s response.

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