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Meeting The Hate

June 27, 2005

First, we understand that Leftism is Hate. It is aggression. It is the desire to devour valuable institutions under color of social justice, and to understand that one of the devouring methods is to erase our History.

Read the whole thing here.

Hat Tip to Dr. John J. Ray at Dissecting Leftism.

Yosemite Bound

June 26, 2005

I’ll be in Yosemite Valley tonight. I plan on taking lots of pictures that I’ll post next time I have net access.

Day by Dayreaming

June 25, 2005

“Apology accepted, Senator Durbin.”

There is no crying in Politics!

June 23, 2005

One of the commentators to this Ann Althouse post made the link of Hardball Politics to Tom Hanks’ famous line from A League of Their Own.
To the meat of the subject, Ms. Althouse saw the Durbin “apology” on TV and found it…icky.
To quote a damn good politican, the late Massachusetts democrat Tip O’Neil, “All politics is local.”
One of Ms. Althouse’s readers points out that a democrat of a different stripe, Dick Durbin forgot this:

Durbin is of Lithuanian descent. I don’t know whether he’s first generation … or whether his grandparents arrived during the World War I wave. Durbin spent great energy courting the Lithuanian community in Chicago. Many Lithuanians fell under his spell and, for the first time, voted Democratic (those who emigrated in the late 1940s and early 1950s often voted Republican because they perceived that party as more anti-Communist).

I suspect Durbin’s comparison of Gitmo to the Gulag and Concentration Camps tastes particularly sour to this community, which was pinched on one side by the Russians and on the other by the Germans. My dad–who rushed to Kroch’s & Brentano’s in Chicago when the first bootleg Russian copies of The Gulag Archipelago became available in this country–must have rolled over in his grave. My mother, whose best friend’s husband froze to death during a seventeen-year stint in Siberia, is still spitting.

Oddly enough, this post wasn’t quoted on Instapundit

Lileks has the "Gitmo for Idiots" summary out…

June 23, 2005

Here’s What You Need to Know About Gitmo, by James Likleks.
I’ve got some highlights, but read the whole thing.

Gitmo is the gulag equivalent of a Ben Affleck movie: no one’s seen it, but everyone has an opinion about it. Given all the rhetoric that’s been spilled about this sorta-kinda-not-really Death Camp, it’s time we re-examine the facts, and remind ourselves what’s really at stake. Herewith a summation.

Q: What is Gitmo?

A: Contrary to what some suggest, it does not stand for “Git mo’ Peking chicken for Muhammad, he wants a second portion.” It stands for “Guantanamo,” a facility the United States built to see if the left would ever care about human rights abuses in Cuba. The experiment has apparently been successful.

A: Well, technically, no one has died at Gitmo. Metaphorically, millions have perished, since Gitmo is the spiritual heir to assorted thug regimes — except Saddam’s, of course. Think Nazi death camps. Did you know one of the Nazis’ Middle East allies was the grand mufti of Jerusalem, a Hitler admirer who was a mentor to Yasser Arafat? Funny how history works. Not ha-ha funny, but Seinfeld-ironic funny.

Q: History is boring. C’mon. Why do they hate us?

A: Because our women wear thongs, our media are naughty, our homosexuals walk around unstoned, and we refuse to let them finish Hitler’s plans for the Jews. Because we are the infidel sons of monkeys and pigs who do not believe that most holy of books, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” Also because we had something to do with Afghanistan.

A: The interrogators make a point of handling the Quran with gloves, to indicate they accept the prisoners’ definition of infidels as “unclean.” But the guards occasionally suggest that the gloves are not only washed with the general laundry that might include the socks of Jews, but that sometimes the anti-static cling sheets are deliberately left out.

A: It is. It’s worse than Waco, because at least those people aren’t suffering anymore.

Q: When did they build this place?

A: After Sept. 11, 2001.

Q: That date seems familiar for some reason. Did something happen?

Q: Isn’t it our role as citizens to be wary of government?

A: Sure. But take this quote: “I call on those who question the motives of the president and his national security advisers to join with the rest of America in presenting a united front to our enemies abroad.” That was Sen. Dick Durbin in 1998, when Bill Clinton attacked Iraq. But that was then, and this is George W. Bush.

HT to Mr. Reynolds

They need to pay their fair share!

June 23, 2005

According to the Washington Times Inside Politics column today:

The Florida Democratic Party, out of cash and out of power, has been slapped with a federal tax lien for failing to pay nearly $200,000 in Social Security and payroll taxes, the Miami Herald reports.
The latest hit — coming just as the party’s most recent former chief revs up a campaign for governor — stands to further marginalize a party that has struggled in recent years to compete financially and politically with organized and well-financed Republicans, the newspaper said.
And it could give ammunition to the Democratic and Republican rivals of Scott Maddox, who left the party’s leadership post last month to run for governor, touting his time as chairman.

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June 23, 2005

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Susan Estrich on Fox News

June 22, 2005

Susan Estrich is a passionate liberal who has ventured into the lions den, i.e. she works at Fox News.
She’s written a column of what it’s like to be a liberal working at a news organization villified by most leftists.
Take the time to read the whole thing. Here are some highlights:

Prior to working for Fox, I worked for ABC and NBC, spent a lot of time at CNN, and almost ended up at CBS. I worked for a bunch of local stations in Los Angeles and had a talk-radio show at KABC for six years. In other words, I’m fortunate enough to have been around, and Fox News is the best place I’ve ever worked.

I also work there because of my respect for Roger Ailes, the man who created it, and hired me, and to whom I am extremely loyal for reasons having nothing to do with ideology and everything to do with integrity.

The criticisms [by the left against Fox News] have gotten personal, the tone has changed, the volume is up, and the value is down.

Three times as many people watch Fox every day as watch CNN. There were certainly times during the last campaign where I disagreed with decisions made by young Fox producers. But without exception, every time I raised an issue, I won. The joke was that I would tell them to set their stopwatches and transfer me to Ailes, so they could time how long it would take me to get their decisions reversed.

It never came to that, but everyone understood the commitment not to make decisions that would even give the appearance that Dean so cavalierly bandies about.

Is Fox News different from the other places I’ve worked? Sure. But all of the rest were pretty much alike, which is the larger point that Dean ignores.

HT to Mr. Harris

Terrorist on Terrorist…

June 21, 2005

Act points out that not all Islamofacists are buddy buddy.
The quote from the NY Times article:

Late Sunday night, American marines watching the skyline from their second-story perch in an abandoned house here saw a curious thing: in the distance, mortar and gunfire popped, but the volleys did not seem to be aimed at them. In the dark, one spoke in hushed code words on a radio, and after a minute found the answer. “Red on red,” he said, using a military term for enemy-on-enemy fire. Marines patrolling this desert region near the Syrian border have for months been seeing a strange new trend in the already complex Iraqi insurgency. Insurgents, they say, have been fighting each other in towns along the Euphrates from Husayba, on the border, to Qaim, farther west. The observations offer a new clue in the hidden world of the insurgency and suggest that there may have been, as American commanders suggest, a split between Islamic militants and local rebels. A United Nations official who served in Iraq last year and who consulted widely with militant groups said in a telephone interview that there has been a split for some time.

“There is a rift,” said the official, who requested anonymity, citing the sensitivity of the talks he had held. “I’m certain that the nationalist Iraqi part of the insurgency is very much fed up with the Jihadists grabbing the headlines and carrying out the sort of violence that they don’t want against innocent civilians.”

Ace wraps it up with this interesting realpolitik comment:

It is good that the not-so-crazies are turning on the batshit-crazies. That’s the key to political victory, after all– co-opting the only-partially-crazy and turning them against the certifiable psychopaths.

Personally, having terrorists attacking each other instead of American & Iraqi military personnel, or their favorite target, innocents civilians is A-OK by me.

The .50 Caliber and the Big Lie

June 21, 2005

Alphecca has a post that points out politicians can blithly repeat falsehoods perpetrated by anti-gun groups, and with little or no fact checking, the Associated Press will print them.
He points out two outright lies in the AP story, including one that created by racist Victim Disarment group, the so-called “Violence Policy Center.”

I’ve posted before about the .50 Caliber Myths promoted by groups working to make a safer working environment for America’s violent criminals.