The Steve Martin defense works!

You remember that old joke Steve Martin used tell…How to make a million dollars and not pay any taxes.
First, get a million dollars.
Second, don’t pay any taxes.
When the IRS comes and says you have to pay taxes on the million dollars, say “I forgot.”

That was the basis for David Rosen’s defense in his criminal felony trial involving his job a fundraiser for HRC during her Senate run.

Despite being responsible for the fundraiser in which an $800,000 “accounting error” that made $800,000 in hard cash available to HRC at a critical time in her campaign, Rosen walked.

His defense was that he “executed poor judgment.”
So, it seems that if you are a well connected democrat, ignorance of the law is a valid defense.

There still is an $800,000 campaign finance violation here, but it doesn’t seem that anybody is at fault.

Given the lack of serious coverage by the DNC/MSM on this story, they are accepting the dog ate HRC’s accountability theory.

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