Mr. Harris sums up liberal arguments.

Mr. Harris says:

Let me see if I properly understand your argument…

1) Everything the Swifties said was a lie because one US$100k contributor to their effort was a Republican. That Kerry was forced to revise at least two elements of his decades-old personal narrative because of them has no bearing on this determination whatsoever.

2) Barnes, a major fundraiser (US$500k+) for Kerry’s campaign, has said for decades – under oath even – that he was not asked by Bush’s family to help get him into the Guard. But now when says he was lying all those years (contradicted by his own family) he’s telling the truth.

3) This same man, his candidate down in the polls and rapidly losing steam, now also ‘admits’ to an an act of extreme corruption, for which he was ultimately compensated to the tune of US$23 million.

4) Bush, at the time, was a candidate, not an officeholder and, as such, had no actual power. But he was terrified that people would find out the shocking news that, as the son of a Congressman, he’d gotten special treatment to get into the Guard, so he gave in to Barnes’ extortion and exercised power he didn’t have to help Barnes’ client.

5) Ergo, Bush is corrupt and cannot be believed.

Truly you have a dizzying intellect.

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