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What if your senator missed 75% of the Intelligence Committee’s hearings?

August 31, 2004

One of mine did.
His attendence record for the regular Senate sessions is damn poor too. 10% is a failing grade no matter how you slice it.

His running mate has a problem showing up to work too.


August 31, 2004

Check out this Doonesbury Cartoon from 1971!

In the Belly of the Beast…

August 31, 2004

A NYC reporter goes undercover amoung the Anarchists.

Mr. Sullivan is back and makes an important point.

August 31, 2004

“There is no escaping this fight. It is civilization or Jihadism. We can and should debate tactics; but the sides are clear enough.” — Andrew Sullivan giving advice to France.

Remember how the President is elected.

August 31, 2004

CD Harris points out that CNN now puts President Bush ahead in the Electoral College.

You have to search CNN for the article. For some reason, it’s not on the main page or the politics page…

Protest Warriors on the March!

August 31, 2004

Outside the Permeter has a couple of posts on them in NYC.

As it has been pointed out, very few democrats, and even fewer liberals are for Kerry

Enjoying the convention

August 31, 2004

Jeff Goldstein is obviously having a good time.

Double standards

August 31, 2004

Tony points out that the ACLU has very different standards concerning free speech of leftist vs. anybody else. No surprise there.

Liberal Protester update

August 31, 2004

It’s pointed out that:

Protesters have decided to exercise their “free speech” rights by filling bags and balloons with urine and lobbing them at policemen. This disgusting practice is going on westbound on 35th and Broadway. Stay clear.

In addition, there are groups that are passing out baskets of wirecutters and razor blades to cut the plastic Flexicuffs the police use to handcuff suspects under arrest. The subversive behavior is bad enough but when you equip thousands of protesters who refuse to police themselves with razor blades, that’s a bad scene just waiting to happen.

Hopefully, the police will file concealed weapons charges against those with the razor blades.

Killing over head scarves…

August 31, 2004