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An old political cartoon about Senator Kerry

July 31, 2004

From just over a year ago…

and a slightly newer one…

Here is more details on the Cape Wind project for clean, environmently friendly energy that Senator Kerry opposes.

Set the Wayback Machine to One Year Ago Today…

July 31, 2004


Just ask Mary-Jo….

July 31, 2004

Call me crazy, but is it really such a good idea for Ted Kennedy to be making vaguely threatening comments involving bodies of water?

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Out come the claws…

July 31, 2004

Former John Kerry girlfriend & NYT columnist Maurren Dowd. writes the following according to Matt Drudge:

“Given that the Kerry convention featured a skipper brave and sure, a first mate who makes others comfortable, a millionaire called “Lovey” by her spouse, two pretty young Kerry castaways and a movie star (the ubiquitously annoying Ben Affleck), I suppose we should be grateful that Camp Kerry didn’t introduce the nominee with the “Gilligan’s Island” theme song.”

“Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip.”

“At least Teresa Heinz Kerry kept her subliminal message simple: She wore a ketchup-red suit to introduce the second senator in her life.

“Her husband, as usual, went overboard. The Democratic convention, which was focus-group-dial-a-metered to death, needed a dose of dramamine.”

Semper Fi!

July 31, 2004

Senator Botox accosts some Marines:

“He imposed on us and I disagree with him coming over here shaking our hands,” one Marine said, adding, “I’m 100 percent against [him].”

Vietnam Vets protest against Kerry

July 30, 2004

From Citizen Smash:
MEANWHILE, outside the Fleet Center, hundreds of Vietnam veterans marched in opposition to Kerry’s candidacy.

“While we honor John Kerry’s service in Vietnam for a couple months, we totally abhor the lies (Kerry) told the country about us being war criminals while he admitted being a war criminal.”

Basically, the Democrat “Emperor has no clothes.” His entire campaign revolves about a few months in Vietnam decades ago; the circumstances of which are contradicted by most of us who were there and knew him.

And the beat goes on…

Delegates road subways commuters banned from

July 30, 2004

According the to the Boston Globe:

The MBTA quietly provided special Orange Line trains for people exiting the FleetCenter on all four nights of the Democratic National Convention, opening the otherwise closed North Station so that some 3,200 delegates, journalists, and others with convention credentials could be whisked to Back Bay Station, free of charge.

Word of the special service did not sit well with T riders who have had to put up with baggage inspections and forced transfers to shuttle buses.

”It seems like they’ve overlooked the people of Boston and regular commuters,” said Susan McLay, 23, of Billerica, who takes commuter rail and the Orange Line to the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions in Charlestown. North Station has been closed to everyone but the conventioneers, she said, which has caused major disruptions in daily routines.

”That doesn’t smell very good to me,” said Julianne Ture, an Orange Line rider who took the week off. ”The whole convention has been such a fiasco.”

John Ray is on a Role…

July 30, 2004

Who’s idea was it to put Jimmy Carter on stage?

“He ends on the biggest whopper of the evening: “Elsewhere, North Korea’s nuclear menace, a threat far more real and immediate than any posed by Saddam Hussein, has been allowed to advance unheeded.” Does anyone remember who brokered the 1994 deal in which the Clinton administration agreed to provided food and oil to North Korea, in exchange for its promise not to develop nuclear weapons-a promise the North Koreans promptly broke, allowing them to threaten us with a nuclear bomb today? That’s right: it was Jimmy Carter. This is the same psychological projection Carter employed in 1979. Back then, he suffered a crisis of confidence that left him paralyzed before the fateful challenges of the day-yet he projected his malaise onto the America people.”

Dissecting Leftism nails it again…

July 30, 2004


The real story

July 30, 2004

The the Washington Times:

In Boston, Mr. Clinton argued against so-called tax cuts for the rich that leave “ordinary citizens to fend for themselves.” He added “the only test that matters is whether people were better off when we finished than when we started.”
But when Mr. Clinton first sat in the Oval Office in 1993, he inherited a strong economic recovery from Papa Bush, with real economic growth registering a 4.1 percent gain. When George W. Bush inherited the economy from Mr. Clinton, the U.S. was dropping into recession.

For Mr. Clinton to blame Mr. Bush for cutting taxes on rich people is just plain silly. It was Mr. Clinton who signed a huge capital-gains tax cut for stocks and residential real estate in 1997.