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This is going to be one damn long series…

June 30, 2004

The Lies of Fahrenheit: The First in a Series

Senator Kerry seals records from the American People.

June 30, 2004

Let’s see if the Chicago papers respect his “right to privacy” any more than did that of Republican senate hopeful Jack Ryan.
Isn’t all fair in love, war, politics, and divorce cases?

Don’t hold back now…

June 30, 2004

Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino unloaded a searing attack on fellow Democrat John F. Kerry [related, bio] yesterday, calling his presidential campaign “small-minded” and “incompetent” – laying bare a years-old rift weeks before the city plays host to Kerry’s FleetCenter coronation. This is from today’s Boston Herald.

Mayor Menio, a democrat, goes on to point out that the liberal democrat Senator Kerry has learned the ways of Clintonism well when he said, “Maybe they should use some of their energies to get their message across to the American people instead of trying to destroy the integrity of someone who is on their team, to try to discredit someone on their team.”

Posted one year ago today…

June 30, 2004

Worth repeating:

“Wherever there is a jackboot stomping on a human face there will be a well-heeled Western liberal to explain that the face does, after all, enjoy free health care and 100 percent literacy.” — John Derbyshire

Also from one year ago today, Useful Idiots by the Hunter. It’s worth revisiting..

Yet another reason for acting without the UN…

June 30, 2004

“Five years after international armed intervention and UN administration, Kosovo doesn’t even have an effective police force, and no one wants to speculate on its ‘final status.’ This past March, as ethnic violence flared up again and Albanians attacked Serb homes, businesses and churches (a reversal of 1999’s violence), UN ‘peacekeeping’ forces essentially stood by and allowed mobs to continue their destruction. “
– tip of the hat to Mr. Reynolds for this one.

…and this surprises just whom?

June 30, 2004

Saddam Hussein is likely to be executed by the Iraqi government for war crimes.

This shows who really runs the DNC.

June 30, 2004


This would be much better for HRC than it would be for Kerry.
With HRC as VP, he’ll always be overshadowed by her (and the presence of Billy Jeff).
Maybe he should check with the Senior Senator from NY, Chuck Schumer first….

JACKASS BEAT 911 Pounds!

June 30, 2004

As Mr. Sullivan says: F9/11 wasn’t the biggest grossing documentary. Jackass was. It was non-fiction, and about as informative as Mr Moore.

The raw hatred of the left.

June 30, 2004

Via Mr. Sullivan, I won’t link to this level of hate speech directly.
It makes the so-called “Clinton Haters” of the Right look like a bunch of Monica Lewinski wanna-bes.

Not much of a surprise here…

June 30, 2004

Blackfive points out that journalists are making fools of themselves via their ignorance of things military:

The military is not calling back discharged and retired individual soldiers. They are dipping into the Individual Ready Reserve. There is a big difference between calling up IRR soldiers and recalling retired or discharged soldiers.

When you sign a contract to enlist or get a commission, it is generally for EIGHT years. You perform four years of Active Duy, then you have four left in the Reserves or National Guard.

As Mr. Reynolds points out: He dissects a number of stories that get it wrong. You know, this kind of thing might have been excusable before, but we’ve been at war for going on three years. You’d think somebody would have bothered to learn this stuff.